Cypress Independent Hospital

Cypress is an independent hospital situated close to Paignton town centre providing specialist short-stay support for people who:

  • No longer require acute inpatient care (Step Down beds)
  • Are in crisis but do not require acute inpatient care (Crisis beds)


  • Is an independent hospital situated close to Paignton town centre
  • Provides a mixed sex environment and has 12 bedrooms with separate male and female sleeping areas
  • Is staffed 24 hours a day with Qualified RMN’s and Support Workers
  • Provides weekly medical reviews and has access to Occupational Therapy assessments and support
  • Provides regular access to advocacy and a pharmacist
  • Encourages family, carers and other important people to attend Cypress for reviews and meetings
  • Provides access to physical health care and signposting to other services for specialised support
  • Works closely with other agencies and such as Recovery co-ordinators, community and accommodation support workers, benefits advisors, housing and education
  • Has access to an Employment Coach (within Torbay)
  • Creates individualised packages of support to promote recovery and independence whilst ensuring on discharge you have access to ongoing support (if needed)

Cypress works closely with Devon Partnership Trust and is an integral part of the acute care pathway.


Step Down Placement

Referrals for Step Down placements come from the acute wards. Step Down placements are for people who are currently in an acute hospital ward and continue to need a high level of hospital support but no longer an acute hospital placement. The aim of this admission is to provide a further period of support prior to discharge and reduce length of stay on an acute ward.

Crisis Placement

Referrals for Crisis placements come from the local Crisis Teams and are for people who are currently in need of a hospital admission but not necessarily an acute ward. The aim of this admission is to support someone in a  crisis and prevent an acute hospital admission.

Referral route

The referral process for the above placements is direct to Cypress from either acute ward or crisis team dependent on type of placement

More about Cypress

We are a:

  • Five-minute walk from Paignton town centre
  • Ten minute walk to train and bus stations.
  • Fifteen minute walk to the beach

The house has two communal lounges, one of which can be used as a female-only lounge if required, kitchen, a dining area, laundry area, pool table, smoking shelter, and additional areas for 1-1 conversations.

There is a small garden, in which people are more than welcome to use and potter around in. There is parking for several cars.

Cypress address

35 Totnes Road

Telephone: 01803 551066
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For anyone visiting, please be aware that the postcode does not take you directly to the house.


What is Cypress like?


How to find Cypress

Cypress Feedback

"We had wonderful care from Cypress. The staff were kind, skilled, genuinely caring and treated my sister as an individual.  It is lovely for me to know that such great support and care is available if it’s needed.  And my sister, who has always been frightened of admission, has gained confidence in support services generally"

"The staff at Cypress are excellent and very supportive. They were approachable and always made us feel welcome in a very difficult time"

CQC report on Cypress

The latest Care Quality Commission report on Cypress

The Care Quality Commission is the regulatory body for mental health services in the UK.

To find the CQC's latest report on Cypress please follow the link below: