We provide community support for people in the wider community.
This takes place in a variety of settings, depending on where the person feels most comfortable. This might be in their own homes or other agreed locations, or might mean accessing a community support group.
We aim to support each individual to realise a sense of value and social involvement in a way that is meaningful to them for their wellbeing.
We work with people to develop self-management plans and tools to manage their emotional and mental health. 
People can access this service through referral by a mental health professional using our referral form. Click here to download.
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Refer to Us

We aim to support each individual to maintain their mental health and wellbeing, to live well and to realise their full potential.

We will work with the person to support their recovery goals.

If you would like to refer someone to CCT's services please follow the link below:

Making a referral